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Asphalt Paving

Fresh asphalt says “Quality” for your business or residence and JD Hunt Paving is your asphalt paving expert. Our know-how from nearly three decades of experience delivers a superior product and process in all areas — water flow, drainage, retention and retainers where needed, and stabilization of base. We can determine whether a job needs removal and replacement of existing asphalt or an overlay of new asphalt. Most asphalt is installed at a 2” depth utilizing a B-Modified Grade Hot Asphalt, and overlays can be paved at lesser depths utilizing a C-Modified Grade Asphalt or an overlay asphalt mix. At the time of your estimate, we determine the best options for the job while striving to meet every budget. Resistant to weather extremes and cost effective, properly installed asphalt paving is the most durable and resilient solution for your parking surfaces.

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Parking is critical for your business. JD Hunt Paving works individually with your business to maximize parking availability through optimal design and layout of your space. We know current code requirements for creating and designating no parking areas, fire lanes, accessible and van-accessible parking, walkways, and crosswalks. We ensure both code compliance and safety for vehicles and pedestrians. JD Hunt Paving uses a full range of up-to-code stencils and certified state-approved traffic paint for every job, providing clear and durable results. We also install walkways of many types and ramps for wheelchairs and scooters that accurately meet ADA requirements for slope.

Retaining Walls

JD Hunt Paving has extensive experience installing retaining walls in both residential and business environments. Whether the wall is intended to prevent erosion, promote drainage, create a pleasing design feature, or all of the above, we are equipped to work with you to achieve your goals. Options for retaining walls include wood, boulder, dry stone, and eco-friendly synthetic materials. Whichever materials you choose, our team will satisfy your needs. Most of our clients select concrete blocks, which are a cost effective and enduring solution.


JD Hunt’s expert seal coating will significantly prolong the life and outstanding appearance of your new asphalt. It is most effective when applied before asphalt degradation progresses – whether linear cracks that promote moss and other destructive plant growth, “alligator” cracking, visible gravel or loose rock, or potholes. An emulsion-base asphalt product that fills the pores and coats the surface, sealcoat protects asphalt from the stresses of weather and moisture, heavy use, and penetration by oils, other chemicals, and UV radiation. Without sealcoating these conditions will contribute to failure in the underlying structure and deterioration of the surface. A properly sealcoated asphalt surface, especially when proactively applied, is also easier to maintain and clean.


JD Hunt Paving is equipped for full service land clearing and grading projects. Grading and earthwork typically include excavating, hauling, and placement of soil and/or rock. Projects may also promote prevention of slides by improving soil conditions. All jobs are bid from start to finish to accommodate your budget including root removal, stump removal, vegetation work, stabilization of surfaces, and water management.

Water Management/Drainage

JD Hunt Paving team members specialize in water management and drainage. We provide expert installation of catch basins, French drains, culverts, and grated channel drains. We also offer services that divert water utilizing berms and valleys along driveways and edges of parking lots. We are ready to advise you about the best options or combination of options to meet your needs according to the slope and grade of your area.

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