“This was a complex, multi-stage process. His price for all the work; very competitive. Very happy with the end result.” Xiaolian Z.

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JD Hunt Paving is your asphalt paving expert. Details are important to us, we pay more than the usual attention to water flow, drainage, retention and stabilization of base. We determine whether a job needs removal and replacement of existing asphalt or an overlay of new asphalt. Most asphalt is installed at a 2-inch depth utilizing a B-Modified Grade Hot Asphalt, and overlays can be paved at lesser depths utilizing a C-Modified Grade Asphalt or an overlay asphalt mix.


JD Hunt Paving sealcoating methods will significantly prolong the life and appearance of your new asphalt. It is most effective when applied before asphalt degradation appears with cracking, visible gravel or potholes. An emulsion-based asphalt sealcoat product fills pores and surfaces—protecting asphalt from weather, moisture, heavy usage, penetrating oils and UV radiation. A proper sealcoat asphalt surface is always a good investment and is easy to maintain.

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Parking lot striping and stenciling is a critical aspect after new asphalt or sealcoating is applied. JD Hunt Paving maximizes parking availability with optimal design and layout of your space requirement. We apply current code requirements, including certified state-approved traffic paint for creating and designated no parking areas, fire lanes, disabled and van-accessible parking, walkways and crosswalks. Special attention is given to walkways and ramps for wheelchairs and scooters that accurately meet ADA requirements for slope.


JD Hunt has a wide range of equipment to provide a full service for total land clearing and grading projects of all sizes. Grading and earthwork typically includes excavating, hauling and placement of soil and/or rock. Some projects may require prevention of slides by improving soil conditions and adjusting various terrain levels. As an extra level of service, we provide root removal, stump removal, vegetation removal, soil stabilization and water management.

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Water management is a crucial part of our services. To prevent large water pooling, our expert team members address water management issues and drainage as required on every project. We provide installation of catch basins, French drains, culverts and grated channel drains of all sizes. Our services include diverting water with berms and valleys along driveways and edges of parking lots. Providing our customers with the best options available for slope and grading is our number one concern.